Have You Ever Thought How Many Natural Straight Bundles Do You Need?

Hair is a prominent part of your external appearance. If you have a head full of shiny and glossy hair, it automatically enhances your beauty. But if not, don’t be upset. There are several ways to give you your dream hair type and length. And, the most common and easiest way is the wig. You can go for natural straight bundles for numerous reasons such as any occasion, fun, beautification or hair thinning.

But before jumping into the next step, you should understand some important aspects. The first thing that will knock your mind is – “how many bundles do I need?!”. Well, we are hair to answer your this question. In this article, you will find the major factors that matter when you will go to buy hair bundles

So keep scrolling down to know these points in detail!

1. Size of the head

You may use a tape to measure your head from ear to ear to know the size of your head. According to a study, generally, the size of a woman is 55.2 cm. If you know the size of your head, it will be helpful to understand how many bundles you need to cover your full head. Thus, you can have flawless results.

2. Length

Generally, all virgin hair thins out towards the end. Especially, if you want to have a fuller look from the root to tip, you must consider further bundles. It basically depends on the length you want. Thus, if you need long hair, you have to buy more natural straight bundles. It will give you the natural look you want to have.

3. Texture

The texture is something that has a great role in the number of bundles you may need. In the case of curly hair, you do not need more than 2-3 bundles as curly hair has high density. But, in straight hair, you require more than this as straight hair has low density. So, you have to make your decision depending on the texture of the hair you choose.

4. Frontal and closure

The number of your bundles depends on the frontal and closure of your head. If you want to have a natural finishing, you must not forget about these two. The larger your frontal and closure the more you need hair bundles. And, it is necessary to cover the space. Otherwise, it will give an empty feeling and give an artificial look.

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