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Sprinkled Collection, LLC - Online Hair Parlor Boutique of Fashion Wigs, Hair Accessories and Extensions for Sale.


Fashion accessories have a special place in your life. While some of them act as add-ons to your unique style, others have a deeper influence on your outlook.

One important thing among these is a wig since hair is the most prominent part of a person's outlook.


Therefore, at Sprinkled Collection, they make sure that you get the greatest satisfaction from their products and enjoy the wide variety of choices available.


Whether it is straight, curly or wavy hairstyle, they have all of it in a delightful ice cream theme, such as wig sundae, wig desserts, and so on. You can find various high-quality wigs, hair extensions, tools and accessories for men, women and kids for every occasion.


No matter your need, whether it is for fun, beauty, fashion or for thinning hair, they have the finest ice cream-themed wigs at affordable prices. Their goal is to make sure you look like a real fashion icon.

How it All Began

The CEO of Sprinkled Collection, Elizabeth Jones, developed a love for hair at an early age of 6 when she began creating hairstyles on her Barbie doll's hair.


Eventually, she started doing the same for her sister's hair and began working with clients right from the time when she was 12 years of age.


She enjoyed doing hair during her high school period too. She then graduated from college and obtained her BS and MS degrees.


She has been working in the corporate US for the past eight years and her favorite pastime has always been traveling. But she began to feel that something was missing.



She then found herself back to her true love of hair and decided to do something 

meaningful about it.


Her joy for colors, love for hair and love for ice cream all joined into one to create the ultimate story! The name ‘Sprinkled Collection’ struck her and she loved it and thus, this amazing brand was born.


What Makes them Special?


Sprinkled Collection provides high quality customized wigs and hair extensions that suit the needs of everyone. Their goal is to help their clients improve their interior beauty with "an outer Sprinkle", as they call it.


They make sure that they offer seamless and fast delivery of products. Since its founding, the company has seen an increased growth rate in the buyers, number of orders, annual gross value, and listings.


With their efficient delivery system, they provide fast and the best standard online shopping service for their customers. They are committed to helping you discover the best in hairpieces, wigs and hair extensions.


Whether you are new to wearable hair or are used to it, their expert guides and tips are sure to assist you in making the right choices.


With their talented team, they are able to offer the most amazing selection of styles. They go the extra mile to provide you with images, guides and videos to help you identify exactly what you need, to fulfill your fashion desire.

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